8 Reasons Why High Quality Customer Service Matters To Startups

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Startup businesses are often focused heavily on the product or service they are creating. While all good business owners will have garnered an understanding of who their target market are and what their priorities are, planning how to interact with them as people can be further down the list – if it’s on that list at all. High quality customer service is often taking for granted as something that the employees will naturally employ when dealing with customer queries or complaints. This could be a huge mistake as customer service is one of the biggest determinants of success in businesses – no matter what their size. Here’s why: Read More

Notable Tactics and Hidden Secrets to Increasing Call Center Quality Assurance

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The overall quality of interaction between a call center and its customers is influenced by a range of interrelated factors. These include the calibre of the agents, the quality of in-house training, staff development and incentive programmes, availability of feedback, call monitoring systems and available technology.

This article looks at seven notable tactics for the improvement of call quality and two secret ingredients for ensuring long-term quality assurance in call center. Read More

What You Should Know About The Inbound And Outbound Processes And Which Type Of Call Center Is Right For Your Business Needs.

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Call centers are becoming increasingly popular as businesses seek to protect their bottom line. However, what may seem like a straightforward strategy can become confusing when business owners realize how competitive the call center industry is with providers offering a dizzying menu of services. To simplify the procurement process, it is helpful to start with one of the fundamental differences between call centers: whether they perform an inbound process or an outbound process. Read More

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