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Who Should Handle Your Social Media?

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Social media has become an integral part of everyday life for countries all around the world, so shouldn’t that extend to your business as well? Well, it does in the form of Internet Marketing. Internet Marketing (also known as e-marketing, web marketing, or digital marketing) is an all-inclusive term for marketing products and/or services online. This includes Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Blogging, Web-sitting, Click-and-Pay, and a couple of other, less known methods. Successful businesses see the value of internet marketing and choose to use the easiest, and cheapest, option from the internet marketing list; Social Media. Read More

The Differences Between Inbound and Outbound Centers?

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All call centers are people driven telecommunications hubs. They’re designed for receiving and sending large volumes of information and provide services for both customers and businesses alike. Those are the only obvious similarities you’re going to find between an inbound and outbound call center. Your protocols and business needs are going to be built around whether or not you lean towards the ‘inbound’ or ‘outbound’ ratio for call centers.

A call center that specializes in outbound makes more calls than it receives. Outbound call center telemarketers are very target driven, and are trained to sell / promote products or services, establish a new territory beachhead for inside sales teams, schedule appointments, present opportunities, re-engage former customers, as well as new acquisitions and to close deals.

A call center that specializes in inbound processes takes more calls than it makes. Inbound call centers have a more “passive” approach to consumers and will focus more on their agent’s problem-solving skills, answer questions, and to reassure and calm irate customers. You can also think of an inbound call center as being ‘customer-focused’ and outbound centers as ‘client-focused’.

Some call centers are exclusively inbound or outbound, some perform both functions but most have a specific specialization in one industry, and there are those that are set up for both inbound and outbound calls and follow a blending strategy to prioritize one call over other depending on necessity. Given the different set ups and agent abilities, it is critical that business owners decide what type of call center they need. You should always consider a variety of factors such as experience with you product or service, current clients, and recommendations before making your final decision on your outsourcing partner. Read More

8 Reasons Why High Quality Customer Service Matters To Startups

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Startup businesses are often focused heavily on the product or service they are creating. While all good business owners will have garnered an understanding of who their target market are and what their priorities are, planning how to interact with them as people can be further down the list – if it’s on that list at all. High quality customer service is often taking for granted as something that the employees will naturally employ when dealing with customer queries or complaints. This could be a huge mistake as customer service is one of the biggest determinants of success in businesses – no matter what their size. Here’s why: Read More

Notable Tactics and Hidden Secrets to Increasing Call Center Quality Assurance

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The overall quality of interaction between a call center and its customers is influenced by a range of interrelated factors. These include the calibre of the agents, the quality of in-house training, staff development and incentive programmes, availability of feedback, call monitoring systems and available technology.

This article looks at seven notable tactics for the improvement of call quality and two secret ingredients for ensuring long-term quality assurance in call center. Read More

What You Should Know About The Inbound And Outbound Processes And Which Type Of Call Center Is Right For Your Business Needs.

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Call centers are becoming increasingly popular as businesses seek to protect their bottom line. However, what may seem like a straightforward strategy can become confusing when business owners realize how competitive the call center industry is with providers offering a dizzying menu of services. To simplify the procurement process, it is helpful to start with one of the fundamental differences between call centers: whether they perform an inbound process or an outbound process. Read More

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