We understand that the number one way to measure both the quantity of internal growth and the quality of external relationships is sales. That’s why our sales force is proud to have developed into today’s leading outsourced team in forging connections and increasing profitability. Our years of experience have given us reliable inbound and outbound sales strategies that have proven to help our corporate clients grow and succeed.

With our adaptive selling techniques and e­commerce expertise put in action across all media and platforms, our team continues to generate results that surpass our clients’ sales objectives. By mixing these unique approaches in conjunction with our flexible technology and our emphasis on quality assurance, we guarantee a edge to competitive markets and promising growth initiatives.

But we don’t simply help you grow, we also help you develop. Our sales analysis program provides insight into your customers by assessing their interactions with prices and promotions. Our sales reports and analytics service provides insight into your progress by measuring individual and average acquisitions, revenues, and more. And, most importantly, our call center sales team provides insight into your growth by learning and nurturing your business’s objectives and needs.

THG Call Center Sales Success

Our sales model is more than unique, it’s effective. Among our hundreds of satisfied corporate clients, a leading Fortune 50 media company has included The Heller Group in its Circle of Excellence every single year and in its President’s & Diamond award for 3 consecutive years in a row. In our world – a world where we’re obsessed with increasing your sales – we’re proud to know that we are capable of keeping you moving forward and driving you upward.