As a call center driven by successful sales and marketing initiatives, surveys and polling are two of our many services that allow us to reach your benchmarks, fulfill your goals, and exceed your expectations. Through the slew of surveys that we offer – ranging from niche to general assessments – we can provide our corporate clients with advanced sales support, customer support, maintenance support, billing support, and account

support. And, we can provide our political clients with advanced insights into campaign progress, trends, success, and potential pitfalls.

We’re proud to be the leading telesales center in managing your consumers’ and voters’ lifecycles. Because with THG, you can outsource not only communication and sales, but also customer experience and political campaigning. We collect the information from our surveys to maximize quality assurance, minimize client frustration, and optimize level of service. We quantify the data from our polls to keep you updated on your voters’ opinions and on your campaigns’ popularity.

And, we understand that every marketing objective is different. That’s why our survey and polling services are as flexible as you are. All polls’ setup, implementation, and data sourcing are customized to your goals. Depending on what you need to measure, we can develop specialized surveys that generate performance metrics for your target audiences and your potential voters, for your marketing and your campaigning efforts, or for your customers and your supporters.

To accommodate every type of target audience, existing customer, or future voter, our surveys and polls range dramatically: from those focusing on Political Opinion and Voter Contact information, to Consumer Opinion and Customer Satisfaction insight, to Medical and Legal spheres. Our team is happy to conduct anything from manual, personalized polling to automated telephone surveys. Then, we make data actionable. For business owners: we use this information to make your services profitable and to make your retention rates inflatable. For politicians: we use this information to mark key indicators of your voting trends and to mark areas for your electoral success. For corporate and political organizations alike, marketing is a game and we’re here to give you the data you need to win.