Does Quality Impact Your Customer Experience?

Quality is the number one factor that directly affects your customer experience. A business needs to provide quality services if they want to make customers happy. For every manager bemoaning the lack of efficacy of their QA Program, there will be another that claims to have experienced a significant increase in customer satisfaction levels since implementing theirs.

A QA program acts as a safety net against privacy breaches, non-compliance with company standards, non-compliance with Federal and State Regulations, and makes it much easier to pick up on bad practices and address it. This applies to ALL businesses, not just call centers. However, for inbound call centers, in particular, QA programs tend to lead to overly scripted and robotic responses that pull the agent’s attention away from their customer’s needs. At the end of the day, the agent’s performance is evaluated on a QA Sheet, and not how the customer felt they were taken care of.

In order for a QA Program to be the most effective it can be, you have to take into the account the Voice of the Customer. One of the biggest requests from customers is that they receive a personalized service. They also want their issues resolved by knowledgeable agents and not be treated like another number. These three requests are all it takes to destroy a QA Program from the outside in. You have to construct your QA program around metrics that are important to you AND your customers! Don’t work against your customers, work with your customers!

So many of your customers are willing to give you feedback, all you have to do is ask. Questionnaires and surveys are what I would recommend for those who have never reached out for customer feedback before; it’s something that can easily and quickly be set up. You can then accumulate the data and split it into weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly feedback. After organizing your data, you can start to integrate that information into your QA Program. By blending your company’s quality standards with the VOC, you can deliver a customer experience that speaks for itself.

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