Rely on THG For Full Call Center Services

The U.S.A. call center industry is a saturated market, but our quality of service and breadth of expertise is unparalleled. Our client awards, and industry reputation shows THG is a unique telesales organization that helps you reach your benchmarks, meet your ROI, and succeed. We’re dedicated to maximizing your efficiency, minimizing your costs, and optimizing your customer relationships.

Our Expertise

Outsourcing customer call communication and introducing telesales to your business model is a multifaceted solution across all verticals, both customer­facing and internal. We’re here to take all your sales, marketing, customer care initiatives off of your hands, while leaving tangible results at your fingertips.


Our inbound and outbound client contact services and management can handle any volume of sales calls and online engagement.


Our flexible, scalable, and dedicated team offers a wide array of assistance to improve the level of service that your clients receive and that your business needs. From improving customer experience and support to organizing surveys and polling to provide you with relevant market data, this is the personalized outsourcing sales/marketing relationship you’ve been looking for.

Technology Solutions

With skilled IT specialists available to offer technological support with our PCI­DSS network, in software, and in hardware, our organization promises that however complex your business objective, we’ve got you covered.

Lead Generation

An advanced approach to lead generation and lead qualification is the key to growth. We’ve developed our expertise to drive growth across a diverse array of spheres, including education, finance, insurance, and business & home services. We’re here to turn any and all customer communication into revenue.

Business Process Insourcing

Outsourced customer­facing services is not the whole package, we also offer internal business solutions such as accounting, data­ entry, payment processing, and other administrative responsibilities. We don’t simply complement your in­house efficiency, we supplement it.

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